Active Volcano Screensaver

Active Volcano Screensaver

Active Volcano Screensaver brings a volcano and information to your desktop

One of the most impressive scenes of Nature is that of a volcano doing eruption.
You can stay there just watching in awe in front of this wonderful view.
Would you like to have a volcano on your screen?
How about having a lot of information on the screen at the same time?

Active Volcano Screensaver brings a volcano and information to your desktop.

This unique screensaver will do more than just one function.
Obviously, it will protect your screen. But it will also allow you to enjoy the magnificent view of a volcanic eruption.
The images are really good. The effects of lava and smoke are very realistic.
All around the mountain, clouds gather to form a dark veil. And suddenly, a mighty lightning drops to the ground, piercing the sky.

If you have never been able to see an eruption, this awesome screensaver will be very close to it.
The sounds are great too. You can almost feel the electricity in the atmosphere.

But Active Volcano Screensaver still has more.
How about the latest news? You can use any RSS feed that you like, or just allow the default one to show you the latest news.
Not enough? How about the weather forecast for your city, or for many cities in the world?
The list of available cities is huge, and it is powered by Yahoo Weather Service.
Do you still want more? O.K. Let’s add a nice clock that will keep you informed about the current time.

You will surely enjoy this screensaver.
It will not only delight your eyes and your senses, but you will not lose all the necessary information for your job or personal life.

Fernando Soni
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  • Great images of the volcano
  • Lightning effects are awesome
  • News, weather and time


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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